NÒR Östersund

Welcome to NÒR, located in the heart of Östersund. We are a modern brasserie that celebrates nordic culinary art with a strong European influence. Here, you can choose from well-crafted dishes from our à la carte menu or treat yourself to a luxurious 3-course Chef's Choice menu, where our head chef, Adam Lagerblad, selects his favorites, customized to the season's local ingredients.


About us

With style, finesse, and a touch of mystique, NÒR invites you to an unforgettable experience of "All day dining," where you'll find all your classic favorites infused with new inspiration, creativity, and courage. At NÒR, we're not afraid to spread our wings and soar high, but we keep one foot firmly grounded in history, where we draw all our experience. It's the best of both worlds!